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We follow the advice of our veteriarians for managing breedings. We do natural breedings, no AI's and no frozen semen (yet) and natural births...we have never needed a cesarean section. We do not have pregnant dams radiographed (to avoid exposure). All dogs are health tested before breeding. Our dog's records are open and available for your review either in our files, or in's database.  For health test results on the OFA site, please go to and inquire using the AKC numbers in the listings below. If a test is missing, there are reasons such as waiting for the dog to be old enough for the test and pending appointments and results. Most importantly, we breed for overall perfection...and know we'll never get there, but that's the goal nonetheless. The proof is in the progeny.  3 year health guarantee for hips, heart and eyes. 

Golden Retriever female
Golddigger - RETIRED.
Goldie is a ROCKSTAR!  She is from our Maya x Lake Country Snow Bear litter and is stunningly gorgeous inside and out!  She has attractive Golden Retriever type, is super sweet and loving, gregarious, energetic and very people-focused.  She has a strong drive to both track scents and retrieve.  She weighs a stocky 75 pounds  has great conformation with fluid movement and a lovely light, bright, thick and silky, golden coat that just glows.  One thing about Goldie...she is always smiling!  She just loves the freedom of the farm dog life and is an extremely devoted mommy.  Her pedigree includes lines from Dewmist and her grandsire and great grandsire are multi champions and best of breed winners from the Thevenet kennel in Europe.

Ichthyosis: Clear.

PRA1, 2 and PRCD: Clear.

Degenerative myelopathy: Clear.

Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy: Clear.

Eyes: CAER Normal.

OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal.

Elbows and Hips: OFA "Good" (Final).

AKC SR90026404

Goldie's OFA CHIC# 135222.

Goldie daughters in our program: Gracie, Sasha, Abby.

Gracie - Retired.

Gracie is a Goldie x Preacher daughter with a calm and slightly reserved disposition.  But just ask and she'll do it.  She loves people, is extremely gentle, smart and sweet-natured, loyal, playful and very athletic.  She has the best manners.

Normal results for CAER eyes, heart ausc., OFA hips and elbows - GOOD (final).  Clear by parentage on genetic tests. 

Gracie earned her OFA CHIC number, just like her dam!

She is very pregnant with her first litter in these photos.  AKC SS01956901.



COI ( Coefficient of Inbreeding): TBD, but should be below breed average of 7.88%

Sasha is a Goldie x Asher daughter.  Sasha is so much like her dam and we could not be more pleased with her.  Her personality is extremely cheerful and loving. She is very energetic (controlled) and stocky with excellent movement and a drive to work! She LOVES the farm life and is a true working girl keeping herself busy with her "chores"...digging up mole hills and splashing in the water.  OFA Basic Cardiac - Normal.  CAER Eyes - Normal (Feb. 2023). OFA Hips "Good" (Done at 21 months of age... this report is not published on the OFA site but you can request a copy of this OFA hip report from me.)  Clear by parentage (multiple generations) for genetic conditions. Sasha is pictured here with her first litter at one and two weeks old.  She is an exceptional mother to her puppies and would be quite happy to never wean them.  Sasha gives it up for the team and her puppies are big boned with thick coats, sweet, smart, biddable and gorgeous.  AKC SS16407807.



COI ( Coefficient of Inbreeding): 0.92% 10 generation; 2.62% 12 generation.)

Oh my!  Rosie is an amazing Joy x Nugget daughter, pictured here at 18 months old. Rosie's pedigee includes BIS BISS Am Can CH Amberac's Asterling Aruba OD SDHF.  Rosie is as sweet, smart and responsive as they come...very expressive, affectionate and kind and very obedient with a perfect call back.  She is always on the go and is extremely biddable and knows what I want before I finish asking! She has a lean athletic build and has the agile moves to go with it!  Rosie loves to give doggie kisses...all the time! She's just incredible and a perfect mother to her puppies who she adores and never wants to leave them.  Have we mentioned how wonderfully well adjusted the puppies are from very attentive dams? Rosie's puppies all exhibit her sweet, affectionate personality and the veterinarian (30 years experience) who examined her 2022 litter commented on how very nice the litter was including bites. OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal.  CAER Eyes: Normal (Feb. 2023).  Penn Hip 0.42 / 0.40 (better than breed average of 0.54.) ; Ichthyosis - Clear; PRA-2 - Carrier (only bred to clear). AKC SS06505404.



COI ( Coefficient of Inbreeding) 3.42% 10 generation; 6.55% 12 generation.)

Sugar is an Asher x Joy daughter.  She is super-duper sweet, playful, calm and loving. Sugar is extremely people focused and has exceptional mothering instincts.  Sugar just had her first litter with Noah and she keeps her puppies perfectly cleaned up and lined up side by side in a straight line. Just amazing!  PennHip 0.27 / 0.32 (well above breed average of 0.54). CAER Eyes (Feb. 2023): Normal. OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal.  Clear by parentage (multiple generations) for genetic conditions. AKC Reg. no. SS09936412.


Abby is a Goldie x Noah daughter and is super pretty, super smart, super obedient, and with a little more golden color.  She is one of those more energetic Goldens and also knows what you want before you ask and loves to please people.  OFA Cardiac - Normal. OFA Hips "Good"(18 months). CAER Eyes (Oct. 2022 - Normal).  Clear by parentage (multiple generations) for genetic conditions.  We are really looking forward to Abby's future litters. AKC: SS25613010.


Biscuit Mist

I feel so very blessed to have the gorgeous and wonderful Biscuit on the team.  She is a proven dam of all healthy pups and daughter of Lake Country Snow Bear who is also the sire of our Goldie and Ginger, both rock star dams now retired at their forever homes.  Biscuit focuses on people, has a perfect call back and loved all the other dogs as soon as she arrived here fall of '23.  She's a playful girl with a lighter cream coat color and is on the calmer side.  She is very loyal and sweet.  See her hip results on and her next round of other health tests are pending Dec. 2023.  AKC no. SS25394803.

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