Asher is fully owned by us.  He is our handsome, enthusiastic sweetheart with many European champions in his pedigree.  He has a blocky head and weighs 67 pounds.  He is a very energetic, very obedient, happy go lucky boy with a very sweet disposition.  He really loves people and is a very good  breeder.  Both of his parents have impeccable health testing results including OFA "excellent" hips.  Asher is extremely agile and has a smooth, very level, fast trot and a very strong rear end judging by how he can effortlessly leap over the back yard four foot fence just like a gazelle to get out onto the farm.  Dentition is normal.  Asher is very consistently passing his blocky head, strong rear end, even temperament, cheerfulness and kind disposition to his puppies.  The dog pictured in the scarf is an Asher son.

Ichthyosis - Clear.

PRCD - Clear.

PRA, PRA1 and PRA2 eye diseases - Clear.

DM (degenerative myelopathy) - Clear.

Ichthyosis: Clear.

Heart: OFA Normal.

Hips: OFA Good (final).

Elbows: OFA Good (final).

Eyes: pending

Dentition: Normal.

AKC Reg. SS01747705




Noah is fully owned by us.  We are feeling very blessed with our new stud male, Noah and his puppies out of our Asher daughters are truly gorgeous and surpassing our expectations.  He is a very light cream color and is a total sweetheart.  His phenotype is correct for the breed standard...correct head / muzzle length and not too lanky nor too stocky.  Weight: 80 pounds.  Dentition is normal.  His disposition is very Golden Retriever.  His temperament is very calm and controlled.  He has a perfect call call.  He has passed his early health testing with the specialists for eyes, heart, elbows and hips.  He passed everything on his Canine Health Test genetic disease trait / marker testing and is also clear by parentage for Icthyosis and the PRA eye diseases.  He has sired a few litters so far and his puppies are all very uniform and gorgeous. AKC Reg.: SS17617607.