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Stud service to any of our studs is not available at this time due to the surplus of puppies on the market.



Sleepysong Leontino

Let's give a huge welcome to our wonderful new proven imported stud, Leontino.  Leontino is from Sleepysong kennel in Europe.  "Leon" was health tested in Europe and sired litters there before he was sent to Sweet Cream Goldens where he worked during 2022 and 2023.  I am feeling very blessed and grateful to have him here now.  He's lovely from head to toe and has a calm, sweet, gentle personality and is a very efficient breeder.  His health testing is all clear for genetic conditions and "A" for hips which is the highest score given in Europe.  His heart, elbows and eyes are normal from his testing done in Europe and we already know he sires healthy puppies, so Leon checks all the boxes!  And, we already have two Leontino progeny here...Patton and Maizee and they are WONDERFUL with correct and robust bodies, lovely coats, and joyful, people focused personalities.  Can't get enough of a good thing!  Leontino's first "Tradition" litters will be ready to go Spring 2024.

















Asher - Asher is proven sire who has produced many litters for us that we have been very pleased with.  He's a truly wonderful sire of healthy, robust, very good-looking puppies with very strong hips and amazing personalities.  Asher is a handsome, enthusiastic sweetheart with many European champions in his pedigree.  He has a "broad" head and weighs about 68 pounds.  He is a very energetic, very obedient, happy go lucky boy with a very sweet disposition. Both of his parents have impeccable health testing results, including OFA "excellent" hips!  Asher's movement is a site to watch.  He is extremely agile and has a very smooth and level fast trot and a very strong rear end judging by how he moves and can effortlessly and gracefully leap over a fence and trot like a show pony.  Dentition is normal.  Asher finishes checking all the boxes by very consistently passing his health, good looks, blocky head, strong rear end, even temperament, cheerfulness and kind disposition to his puppies.  The dog pictured in the scarf is an Asher son and we have his daughters, Sasha and Sugar, who are two of our best mommas.

COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding): 5.15% 10 generation; 10.37% 12 generation (Breed average is 7.88%)

Ichthyosis - Clear.

PRCD - Clear.

PRA, PRA1 and PRA2 eye diseases - Clear.

DM (degenerative myelopathy) - Clear.

Ichthyosis: Clear.

Heart: OFA Basic Ausc. - Normal.  No reports of heart problems in his pups.

Hips: OFA Good (final clearance). Both of his parents have "excellent " hips.  No reports of any hip problems in his pups.

Elbows: OFA Good (final).  No reports of any elbow problems in his puppies. 

Eyes: CAER (Feb. 2023, third exam).  No reports of any eye problems with his puppies.

AKC: SS01747705


​​Patton is our new stud puppy prospect. (Pictured above at 4 months old.) I am feeling so blessed with this boy. He's really got my heart with his great looks and jolly personality.  He is a light cream color and is very handsome, sweet and smart. Patton has one of the largest wisdom bumps on his noggin that we've ever seen. It's just starting to get it's size in the photo above.  This is a common trait in Goldens and his skull will grown into it.  Patton was first pick boy from his litter and stood out for his stout frame, thick bones, nice head and thick coat, stocky build, strong overall conformation/proportions and movement and alert, pleasant and even disposition. Patton is clear for all Golden Retriever genetic conditions through Neogen Canine Health Check. His sire, Sleepysong Leontino, is from Europe and had his health testing done over there and his dam is Sweetcream Kea Cloud (See their health test results at  Please stay tuned for updates on Patton!  AKC: SS38457607.

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