Asher is our handsome young stud dog, pictured here as a young dog.  He has many European champions in his pedigree.  He has a blocky head and weighs 70 pounds.  He is a very exuberant, happy go lucky boy with a sweet disposition.  He really loves people and is an efficient breeder.  Both of His parents have impeccable health testing results including OFA "excellent" hips.  Asher is very agile and has a smooth, very level, fast trot and a very strong rear end judging by how he can leap over the back yard four foot fence like a gazelle to get out on the farm!  Asher is very consistently passing his blocky head, strong rear end, even temperament, cheerfulness and kind disposition to his puppies.

Ichthyosis - Clear.

PRCD - Clear.

PRA, PRA1 and PRA2 eye diseases - Clear.

DM (degenerative myelopathy) - Clear.

Ichthyosis: Clear.

Heart: OFA Normal.

Hips: OFA Good (final).

Elbows: OFA Good (final).

Eyes: pending

Dentition: Normal.

AKC Reg. SS01747705



We are feeling blessed with our new stud male, Noah.  He is a very light cream / off white color.  His phenotype is correct for the breed standard...correct head / muzzle length and not too lanky nor too stocky.  His dentition is normal.  His disposition is very Golden Retriever.  His temperament is very calm and controlled.  He has a perfect call call.  He has passed his early health testing with the specialists for eyes, heart, elbows and hips.  He passed everything on his Canine Health Test genetic disease trait / marker testing and he is clear by parentage for Icthyosis and the PRA eye diseases.  Needless to say, we are very much looking forward to his puppies!