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Laura Coussens-Braun

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Alpaca herd at Tradition Kennel Golden Retriever


Tradition Kennel is a part of Kissin’ Coussens Alpaca Farm. We have over 22 years of experience breeding alpacas and dogs full-time.  We raise champion registered alpaca seedstock and AKC champion pedigree dogs on our 10 acre farm.  Overall health is our top priority. (One year we bred purebred ducks and sold the ducklings to local feed stores...what an experience!)

Our adventure with dog breeding began with the amazing Great Pyrenees pair who guarded our alpacas.  We then added a AKC American Cocker and English Springer Spaniels.  Later we transitioned to European AKC Golden Retrievers.  A kennel licensed is required in our county and kennels are subject to inspections and a limited number of dogs and litters.  Collection and payment of sales tax is required for all puppy sales in Washington state.

We strive to be accommodating and offer solid guarantees and breed animals that have correct type for their breed, are healthy, sound and have even temperaments.  ​We apply our knowledge of livestock breeding to the dogs to produce physically sound, typey and healthy puppies. 


We let our dogs mature and complete at least preliminary health checks before breeding and we do not breed our females on every heat cycle.  We do not use crates or cages, except for transport.  All our dogs are our family dogs.  We do not breed doodles.

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Farm visits welcome - please call ahead.

Horses pictured: Smartie (Paint/Quarterhorse),  and Powder (Foundation Quarterhorse), both sold.


After helping our daughter with her Betta fish, Laura decided it was time to keep goldfish again after a 40 year haitus from the hobby. 

Pet rabbits recently added to the farm:  Spots is a Rex, Thumper is a blue Satin and Brownie is a Havana rabbit.  We like critters!

Hey's an "English Cream" baby oranda goldfish!

Click on this photo of our alpacas to visit farm site to see alpacas and alpaca clothing!

I'm a big calico Ryukin goldfish.

I'm a telescope broadtail butterfly goldfish.

Calico pearlscale goldfishes.

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