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Golden Retriever with tennis ball

Tradition Golden Retrievers

Laura and Company

173 Frogner Road

Chehalis, WA  98532


(360) 748-3011

We look forward to hearing from you!



Tradition Kennel is a part of our alpaca farm. Laura has over 26 years of full-time experience breeding alpacas and dogs.  She also has experience in raising a son and daughter who she loves more than anything else in the world.  The kids are out on their own now and so she works the farm operation, animals, land, etc.  Prior to farm ownership, she worked in retail and aerospace.  She also very much enjoys being with family and friends, gardening and growing plants, swimming, tennis, boating and fishing.


Laura raises show quality registered alpacas and champion pedigreed European style AKC Golden Retrievers.  Overall health, beauty, temperament and soundness are top priorities. Laura strives to be accommodating and flexible and offers solid guarantees.

The adventure with dog breeding began with the amazing Great Pyrenees pair who guarded our alpacas.  We then added AKC American Cocker and English Springer Spaniels.  Later we transitioned to European AKC Golden Retrievers ("English Cream" colors). 


The farm has a kennel permit with our county and has been inspected.  We have a WA state business license for the farm and pay state sales tax and federal income tax.  (Note: Sales tax is required for all puppy sales in Washington state.)



Our dogs complete at least preliminary health and genetic testing  before breeding.  We do not breed our females on every heat cycle and do not breed them after six years of age.  We do not use crates or cages, except for transport.  All our dogs are our family dogs.  We do not breed doodles.  Litters are born in the house and puppies are lovingly handled every day. We firmly believe in no stress and no trauma, just lots of love, guidance and care. Discipline and training are done in a way to not create lasting stress...this is crucial...the animal must always be under the impression that you care about it, even during corrections.

Questions / comments?  Just ask!

Farm visits welcome - please call ahead to make an appointment to visit the ranch!

Horses we used to own: Smartie (Paint/Quarterhorse with Color Me Smart and Bert lineages), and Powder (Foundation Quarter horse).

Those rose blooms were grown using alpaca manure.

After helping our daughter with her Betta fish, we decided it was time to keep fancy goldfish again after a 40 year haitus from the hobby.  We also have Koi and Shubunkin goldfish in a pond.

Pet rabbits recently added to the farm:  Spots is a Rex, Thumper is a blue Satin and Brownie is a Havana rabbit. 

Yes, we love critters!  Laura also enjoys gardening ...especially roses, perennials, bulbs, vegetable garden and apple trees. Take a look at those rose blooms grown with alpaca manure! (Yes, we sell the manure too.)

We love to have visitors, so please give us a call and schedule a visit.

Alpaca herd at Tradition Kennel Golden Retriever

Go to to see the alpacas and alpaca clothing!

Paint horse at Tradition Kennel
Quarter horse at Tradition Kennel

Hey's an "English Cream" baby oranda goldfish!

I'm a big calico Ryukin goldfish.

I'm a telescope broadtail butterfly goldfish.

Calico pearlscale goldfishes.

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