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             Welcome!​ You are cordially invited to visit us at our new ranch and meet the puppies and dogs...all parents on site! Please contact us to schedule an appointment and get ready for some Golden hugs!

All photos on this site are our dogs and their offspring.

 Please see puppy page for information on trained puppies. Available:

Rosie Litter - 4 Males and 3 Females available (litter of 10).

Joy Litter - 2 Males and 2 Females available (litter of 6).

Gracie litter - 1 Male and 4 Females available (litter of 6).

Young 8 month old male available - Super sweet, lots of coat, has training for name, come, sit, stay down, walking on a leash.

Two retiring adults are ready for retirement adoption - please inquire!

  Email:  (360) 748-3011 house or (360) 708-0083 cell. $3000 + $234 sales tax (7.8%).  $500 deposit to reserve. We have a fair, two-page contract with a 3 year health guarantee for heart and hips. 






























Welcome to the home of happy, healthy puppies! People, including staff at the vet's office, tell us that we have "very happy" dogs...could it be that freedom and fresh country air...the acres of green grass...the pond to splash we treat them? You are invited to visit, just call to schedule an appointment. 

For over 26 years I have raised multiple species with health and soundness as the top priority. I have studied various types of animal breeding for decades now. Breeding animals with comprehensive goals of overall health, and correct phenotype, disposition and conformation is very challenging work and also a labor of love.  (Laura is the full-time caretaker of the farm and cares for the dogs and puppies personally for hours every day, so you get to talk to the one person who bred, whelped and raised your future puppy.) Tradition dogs are health and genetic tested before breeding; dams are typically bred on their third heat and are not bred on every heat cycle; dams typically have one to four litters; dams are not bred after six years of age. In addition, all puppies are sold with "limited" AKC registration and only after the dog has passed it's first round of testing is "unlimited" status authorized.  This approach helps to ensure that only the healthiest dogs are bred. 

Are we a preservation breeder?  You decide please.

  For your peace of mind, every puppy is sold with specific health guarantees to three years of age on a fair, two-page contract (request a copy for review).

We promise to do everything possible to raise sound, healthy beautiful dogs.  This is my full time job and I will be there for you down the road to provide support, so please stay in touch! - Laura.















Our Goldens all reside with us on the ranch so all parents are on site. Goldens absolutely LOVE the farm life and thrive in an outdoor setting where they get to fully express themselves and their many talents! Golden Retrievers, an AKC sporting breed, have been the third most popular AKC breed for a long time and for good reason! Once you've owed a Golden you will fall more and more in love with this very loving dog breed.  They LOVE people and they love life!  They are a very intelligent, very biddable / easy to train, very eager to please, loyal, brave, devoted, extremely patient, and are very obedient, caring and respectful breed. They are amazingly wonderful dogs, inside and out. 

We work diligently to maintain the positive traits of the Golden Retriever breed that the breeders of the past worked so hard to acheive.  We breed for overall health, physical / conformation traits, mental soundness / disposition / temperament, normal reproduction/lactation and the traits of the AKC Golden Retriever Breed Standard. There is a lot more to consider when making responsible breeding decisions than the basic eye, heart, hips / elbow and genetic testing. Fortunately, we have not yet had cancer reported back to us...and we pray this continues!


Based on the many pedigrees we've seen, all European "English Cream" AKC Golden Retrievers are from imported champion European bloodlines. We use to keep track of lineages and to keep the COI (coefficient of inbreeding) low.


Please know that the term "English cream" is a description only (not a breed) based on the English GR breed standard which allows for the much lighter colors and also differs in other ways from the American and Canadian GR breed standards.  The lighter colors are a popular trend in recent years and breeders must select for the lighter colors to produce them.  Our Goldens are light cream to medium golden colored coats, but physical health and disposition comes first!  Our puppies can range from very light to dark cream and sometimes into the medium golden shades as their adult coats grow in. There are no genetically pure white Golden Retrievers, nor should there be as health problems can arise from a lack of pigmentation and they were originally bred to be yellow...golden colored.


Picking Your Puppy: The best way to pick a puppy is to to get to know it!  So we give you all the time you need to make your choice.  Here, you may visit the litters anytime by appointment and you actually pick your puppy on the day you take it home which is after the pre-purchase veterinary exam has been done. You should have the exam results before you pick your puppy! (And vet's want to see the puppies as close to eight weeks as possible.) Also, seven to eight weeks of age is when their personalities are blossoming, so you simply don't know what personality you're getting if you pick at a younger age.


Male or Female? Generally speaking, males are devoted and loyal.  Females are sweet and precocious. These tendencies related to the  breeding behaviors of each gender.  Both are wonderful!


We will work with you to find the best puppy match whether you are looking for a family pet (any Golden), service / therapy work (Sugar and Sasha) or that biddable field / hunting companion with that necessary controlled energy and athleticism (Rosie and Abby).  When you visit us, you will see where and how we raise our puppies and you will get to meet both parents of your puppy.    


What is the difference between an American and an English / European Golden Retriever?

1) There is only one Golden Retriever breed in the world and it was originally created and developed in Scotland.  Since then, the breed has covered the globe!

2) There are different Breed Standards for the GR breed:  American, Canadian, English.  Since the lines and standards are different, over many decades the breed developed a bit differently in different parts of the world.  The English standard allows for extremes of coat color and is the standard used in Europe, thus many European Goldens have lighter coats, a stockier build and sometimes a calmer demeanor. Some have more drive than others, but all Goldens can be taught to be calm (start early!).

3) "English Cream" is a description, not a breed.  Some people like the golden shades and some people like the creams. Golden coat colors generally darken during the first couple years.  A light "cream" puppy can end up a light to medium golden color at 2-3 years old. The off-white puppies will typically stay lighter as adults. Our puppy's colors will range from very light cream / off-white to honey golden coats as adults.

4) Please note: IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE POTENTIAL BENEFIT OF A LOWER CANCER RATE AND LONGER LIFE SPAN, THEN YOU NEED TO BUY THE PEDIGREE (EUROPEAN lineages), NOT JUST THE CREAM COLOR.  Large studies in 1998 (US) and 2004 (Europe) on Golden Retrievers indicated longer life (19 mos.) and much lower cancer rates (38.8% versus 61.8%) in the European bloodlines. However, our veterinarian told us that these days most Goldens live full lives which is good news!  To help dogs live longer (like they used to) please discuss with your veterinarian about doing as few vaccinations as possible and doing titer testing to see if boosters are necessary.  Also, a partial raw diet (esp. chicken RAW skin, meat and bones) may also help you pet live healthier and longer.  Note: Only feed raw bones and NO RIB bones.

​​What we do...

Breeding Dogs... are carefully selected for phenotype, lineage and generational health testing.

Physical Testing: After selecting and raising prospects, we test for CAER Eyes, OFA Cardiac, OFA Hips and Elbows. We have our dogs hip tested using OFA and / or Penn Hip so that we only breed dogs with the tightest hips which a veterinarian with 40 years of experience told us is highly heritable and the main factor in healthy hip joints over the life span of the dog...tight hip joints..this is why as the puppy's owner you need to manage your pet accordingly.

Individual assessments: We assess our dogs  by the breed standards looking for correct amiable dispositions, coat type, skin pigmentation, overall conformation (structure), balanced body proportions, head style, dentition, bone size, and movement in all gaits, etc. And we can not emphasize enough about mothering skills, reproductive efficiency, lactation and the weaning process.  We let the dams naturally wean their puppies and stay with their litters even beyond eight weeks.  Puppies from attentive and caring dams that are weaned gradually and naturally by their dams (not abruptly at 6 weeks) seem so well adjusted and that carries over to their interaction with humans!  Think about's like an intensive puppy boot camp with the dam as the drill sergeant. She teaches the pups "No!" and "I still love you, but No!", and "I still want to be with you, but the milk bar is closed, so No!", and "You're a good puppy." Then, when the puppy goes home with you it is already accustomed to reactions to it's wrong and right behaviors.  This is not to say that the dam does the breeder's job of socializing, but the dam play's a crucial role as the puppy's first teacher...if she possesses good mothering skills and is allowed to stay with her litter! This makes our job of initially teaching the puppy what humans expect of it so much easier.  You may have to work a little harder on beginning training with a puppy that had the dam leave the litter at six weeks, which seems to be a common practice.

Genetic Diagnostic Testing: Paw Print Genetics / Neogen Canine Health Check: Identifies markers for heritable conditions (known in the breed and with identifiable gene marker tests available) and carrier, affected or clear status which allows breeders to choose to produce puppies that are not affected and not carriers, so eventually, certain health conditions can be completely eliminated from the breed...if all breeders make these breeding choices. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (see web site).  This is where some health testing is recorded. Web site for keeping track of Retriever pedigrees and also calculates coefficient of inbreeding (COI) and provides other data.

VOLHARD Behavior Testing: We have done this testing on four breeds of dogs and our Goldens always score in the middle range...always.  Just let us know if you would like to do this testing with your puppy and we'll do it together! It requires a puppy be at least seven weeks old and does not know the tester.  It's just a wink in time, but it can give you a clue as to your puppy's future tendencies. Through our years of experience, we find that at just eight weeks of age puppies consistently either tend more toward a people-pleasing disposition "Hey, what can I do for you?"or being adventurous with the "Hey, let's go explore!" attitude. (Reminds me of some people I've known too!) Many more personality traits will blossom in your puppy even after it's eight weeks old.

GUARANTEES: Fortunately, we have been 99.7% successful with our golden litters and thankfully no cancer has been reported back yet. Nonetheless, we stand behind every puppy we sell with a specific health guarantee for three years, as long as you keep all receipts for having fed a large breed puppy / dog food of your choice (no grain free!) and there was no inappropriate exercise, accident or injury as determined by a veterinarian. 

Pet Insurance: We now recommend that you utilize the AKC's 30 days free health insurance and consider insuring your dog for life, or setting up a pooch savings account ($60 to 80 per month) on your own.  This is just in case of major expenses related to your dog down the road.  If you choose to save for your dog yourself and if the dog ends up not needing it (which is likely) then you can choose to buy a new puppy and go on a nice vacation with the money you would have sent to the insurance company. As we all know, vet bills can be very expensive, so being prepared is a real good idea.

​​​Twenty-six years experience carefully breeding award-winning registered livestock...alpacas, and over 14 years breeding canines starting with Great Pyrenees (2 dogs)  and then English Springer Spaniels (3 dogs) before switching to American Cocker Spaniels  (3 dogs) and Golden Retrievers (a pack!) and we love what we do! (Laura has also bred poultry, rabbit and fish.) After acquiring our first breeding Goldens, we now typically retain the best females from our own litters as breeding prospects.  We own our studs who we obtain from other breeders we know who work constantly to improve the AKC Golden Retrievers from European lineages.

With all the right ingredients, beautiful puppies become beautiful adults...

(We do not have a testimonials page. We have the content to make one, but we prefer that we get to know each other through actual communications. Please ask for references, if you require that, then you can actually speak with people who have purchased our puppies. If you purchased a puppy and would like to give us a Google review, that would be very appreciated.  Thank you!)

We have a WA state business license for the farm (sales tax should be applied to all puppy sales) and a kennel permit with the county (requires inspection).  We practice full disclosure and when you visit you get to see where and how we raise the puppies...whelped in the house, then at 3 1/2 weeks old they go to the puppy pen where they have room to run and play.

Charities - Over the years, we have donated to The United Way, St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Hillsdale College.

Thank you for visiting! Visitors are welcome - Please contact to make an appointment.  We look forward to meeting you and getting to know each other on your quest for a wonderful Golden addition to your life!


Golden Retriever European English Cream puppy
Golden Retriever European English Cream


Reservations can be made any time.  A $500 deposit is required to hold your puppy reservation and your position in the pick order.  You can visit the litter any time by appointment. Puppies are examined by a veterinarian at seven to eight weeks of age and picks are done the day you take the puppy home.  This way you know the vet report before you choose.


  • Sales contract with guarantees.

  • AKC Registration (Limited).

  • Beginning handling, socializing and voice training.

  • Three year Health Guarantee.

  • Dewormed regularly.

  • First vaccination (1 DAPPv).

  • AKC Reunite Microchip.

  • Detailed veterinary exam at 8 weeks with report for each puppy.

  • And our on-going support for as long as you need it!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France

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